Schedules & Classes

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Evangelism University for COLLEGE-AGE/Young Adult PEOPLE

EU2 is a weekend experience uniquely designed to explore what it means to be a disciple maker in Jesus’ name. Many who attend EU2 will be college students looking for ways to make their student ministries more missional. Others are in the work-force and hoping to find out how to be an encouragement to their coworkers. EU2 hopes to help equip disciples to make disciples both at home and abroad. 

Date & Location

January 29-31

This year EU2 is hosted by the University of Tennessee at MARTIN student center. On Friday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning we will meet at Martin Church of Christ. All of the classes on Saturday will be at Gooch Hall on campus. Martin’s spacious facilities provide a unique atmosphere to learn from each other.  


"EU2 was really refreshing to see that other people want to reach others while in college. It is really tough to do it so it is awesome to meet people that have a similar desire to lead people to Christ” - Carter Moles
"EU2 helped me meet other college students that are in the same position as me spiritually on a public state campus with many temptations. As a result of EU2 I felt as though I was able to reach out more to my campus and college ministry, based on the things that were taught.” - Carver Moore
"EU2 was such a memorable time. Getting to meet so many awesome people and to see the body of Christ come together makes me long for heaven even more. The classes were great, the fellowship was great, and the memories I have will always be with me. I can't wait to be back again in January!” - Erin Simons